Against the Odds

A Mahomet-Seymour High School Diversity Community

Against The Odds : An MSHS Diversity Community
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This community was orriginated in the attempted organization of The National Day of Silence at the public High School in Mahomet-Seymour by Erin Ruprecht and Megan Tucker. Thankfully, this movement has expanded dramatically in less than a year, bringing with it new passion, resources, initiative, and friends. As this group of people grew and communicated eachother, it became apparent that not only was there a need for a school-wide participation in The National Day of Silence, but that there was a need for a school-wide education on diversity in general; therefore, this community.

Admittance into this community will only be allowed if you are an active participant in The National Day of Silence or the soon-to-come Diversity Club. All attempts to join this community will have to pass by one of the moderators (currently either Megan Tucker or Erin Ruprecht, though there will be more soon).

Thanks in advance!