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Tucker [userpic]
If you missed it, you missed out!
by Tucker (m1sstuck3r)
at April 3rd, 2006 (11:12 pm)

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"Janelle, you're on the radio!!!"

That's just one of the responses (I must admit, one of the funnier ones) that Erin, Janelle, and I have heard since Sunday.

In case you missed it, in which case it was most definitely your loss; Erin, Janelle, and I were on WEFT 90.1 this last Sunday at 2:00 PM. We were interviewed by our good friend, Kimberlie Kranich (who, I'm happy to reassure you, is actually very smart) and Erin got to introduce a few good songs over the air that her and I picked out together.

Not only was it exciting for Kimberlie (which she reminded us about numerous times) but it was, of course, very rewarding for us to be in the WEFT studio again. We confirmed with her, over the air, that the University of Illinois students were observing the National Day of Silence on Wednesday, April 26, 2006. We also talked about the administration and all the things that everyone has watched happen so far.

Some of you may remember Kimberlie talking about something called "Sundown Towns" yesterday. "Sundown Towns" are towns that required all African-American individuals to stay out of public areas after sundown. There were many towns in central Illinois that practiced this. These towns included, but were not limited to, Paxton, Villa Grove (who didn't stop practicing this disgusting discrimination until the year 2000), and our own Mahomet. This is one of the obvious reasons why there is such a lack of diversity in Mahomet, Illinois.

As it turns out, there are a group of five or six female middle schoolers who are interested in talking with some students who attend a school in a previous "Sundown Town". Of course, we are such students; therefore, Erin, Janelle, and I are going to talk to some community figures to get as much information as we can about "Sundown Towns" and why ours stopped practicing, etc., and then we hope to have these students attend one of our meetings (either of the first two Fridays in May are in consideration right now) and we intend to share our information with them and be, in turn, educated by them.

So... tell me what you think of the idea! I'll also present this concept to the students at the next meeting but, seeing as that isn't going to be until next Friday (as we're off school this Friday) I figured I'd go ahead and post it up here on our blogging site.

See all of you soon!!!

- As Always -