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An overdue update
by Tucker (m1sstuck3r)
at April 16th, 2006 (02:04 am)

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Sorry I've kind of been slacking off on the updating.

In case you missed the meeting on Thursday (it was kind of planned last minute, so I was encouraged by the turnout), here is a summary of some of the main points (plus some things that I may have forgotten):

  • We are not going to be buying the official National Day of Silence t-shirt (as previously planned) but, instead, we are going to make our own t-shirts that say "Love Thy Neighbor".
  • We really need to get established as a club... I take full responsibility for not instigating that like I should be.
  • There are some middle school students from Franklin (I think...) who are interested in meeting with our group of students to talk about Sundown Towns with us (don't know what it is?  Look it up!).  I am really excited about this.  Also, Kimberlie Kranich would like to document the event.  Mr. Ryan, true to form, is making the execution of said event as difficult as possible.
  • In case you didn't get a letter in the mail, we're having a meeting on Tuesday, April 25th and it is very important that you attend.
  • If you want to participate in the National Day of Silence, you need to get a permission slip from me as soon as possible.  If you do not fill out a permission slip and turn it back into me in time then you cannot participate.  I will not support your participation and it will give the cause a bad image.  Be responsible; find me, get the permission slip in.  You have no excuse.
If I forgot anything, comment and let me know.

- As Always -


Posted by: foxyjo09 (foxyjo09)
Posted at: April 17th, 2006 11:52 pm (UTC)

So teacher like :P

How much $ for shirt costs?

Posted by: Tucker (m1sstuck3r)
Posted at: April 22nd, 2006 11:26 pm (UTC)
Je ne sais pas.

I've been telling people to just give me nine dollars and then I'd give them back change if it turned out to be less; but now it's looking like the cheapest I can get them for is $10.35~ish.

- As Always -